How do we know that the sky is not green and that we are all color blind? (Unknown)

A riveting, thought stopping commentary on random insane events in our world’s financial markets that may find us all mad and we shall awaken one day to sanity in straight jackets. (Market chaos caused by crypto currencies, synthetic credit default swaps, algorithms, high frequency trading, spoofing, quantitative easing, fiat currency, 4 times leveraged ETF’S, trading on margin, clueless central bankers, greedy bankers and dictators with their right finger on the nuclear button and their left finger on Twitter. Straight jacket them all. I say).  

The following entries have been written here at home in B Block while off my meds!

Wall Scratch Oct 24 2017

The Dow Jones Industrial Index is  up 1000 points since late September 2017 when fair minded folks determined it was time for a short. What possibly could go wrong? ”Curiouser and curiouser” whispered Alice in G Block.