An Inside Look at the Blind Date Trading Strategy

advanced-cover-185x265In this article we give readers a closer look at what’s inside the Blind Date Trading Strategy, designed and written for advanced forex traders by forex traders! This is what makes the Blind Date Trading Strategy a powerful trading tool to use when you trade the forex markets. We will get to why in a short while.

So what happens in the global world of forex trading each and every trading day, across time zones and around the clock? An overload of information is going to come at you. Charts, analysis and opinion posted up all over the internet, social media, trading community forums and websites. But not just any charts – thousands of charts. Charts of different forex pairs with different indicators and time frames. There will be no shortage of analysis on any major currency pair you wish to search for. Opinions will be posted, that are disagreed on by others. Now is all this supposed to mean something to a forex trader? Since you are going to want to take a trade then surely one of these charts with indicators, traders opinions and analysis should tell you what you need to know? But no, actually most of all the opinions and analysis fall by the wayside since it was always going to be based on speculation.

When you trade the markets you may think you know the outcome but you don’t. When you go out on a blind date (a real blind date, not the kind where you check out your blind date first on Instagram before you meet) you have no idea whether your blind date with a stranger is going to work out or not.Once the blind date begins, you may be instantly unattracted to each other so you both depart separately leaving your unfinished coffees on the table, just like a bad forex trade that didn’t work out. The trade failed, move on.

On the other hand your blind date could be an instant attraction. Coffee leads to a movie that leads to a romantic dinner that leads to (skip a few steps) an engagement, marriage and a diamond anniversary. Looking back, that was a very successful blind date, just like a very successful forex trade. The Blind Date Trading Strategy looks at risk, not outcomes. If you treat your next trade like a blind date, you need to know how much money you will lose if the trade goes bad. It’s called risk. All struggling forex traders ignore it , all they see is future dollar signs, till reality proves them wrong.

What’s your risk going to be the next time you take a trade? Will your risk be the price of a couple of coffees  or do you want to lose it all, hanging on to a trade you thought you had a good feeling about till you met the trade in real life?

Treating each trade as a blind date is the only way you will hold onto your sanity and your money. Stop predicting outcomes and your trading account balance will grow. Trading will improve and once you master the correct steps to trading by using the Blind Date Strategy , you are going to wonder why you ever used to stress out all the time trying to control your trades. Why not start now?

The Blind Date Trading Strategy for Advanced Forex Traders

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